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Grading and Packing

Grading is essential to get uniformity of size in order to fetch good prices in market and to achieve uniform emergence of crop. In India, grade specification for table potato has been modified by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection. The potato is usually packed in jute/gunny bags of 80 kg.


The purpose of potato storage is to maintain tuber quality and provide a uniform flow of tubers to fresh markets and processing plants throughout the year. Good store should prevent excessive dehydration, decay and sprouting. It should also prevent high sugar concentrations which result in dark coloured fried products. Potato storage should have adequate insulation, outside water-proofing, inside vapour-proofing, ventilation, air distribution, adequate humidification and properly designed control for precisely maintaining the storage atmosphere. Potato is generally stored in cold storage from April to October at 4-50C and 90-95% relative humidity.


Potato can be processed into various products like chips, morrabba, halwa, barfi, flakes, flour etc. The processing industry could help in stablizing the price by utilizing the surpluses and thus adding value to primary products.